Ferrari 488

We’ve build the best possible custom audio system inside this beauty. It serves as our demo car to proof our skills and travel the world to showcase the sound to each and every supercar owner.
This prancing horse is an amazing piece of automotive perfection. The steering fantastic and the driver is locked in to get the most fun out of this car. What’s missing is the car’s final touch of emotion: sound.

Surely it has 488 horsepower and the exhaust gives shivers down your spine, but for regular use you don’t want to have a dull and boring sound system.

Our Project

We wanted this car to have the best possible sound system that also looks OEM. We've managed to do so by carefully dissecting each and every part, until the final bolt.

After carefully labelling and storing we proceeded with installing the world's best speakers, our custom-made frames and the subwoofer box.

Custom parts

Each speaker has balanced tones to nail each guitar string, each high note and truly deep bass.

Finally, we reconstructed the car and ensured it looks brand new. If you had no clue, you would never guess we totally revamped the audio, its wiring and soundproofed it. That's craftsmanship!
An experience like never before!
Through testing and tweaking we have made the sounds balance working as a small orchestra inside the car.

Emotion is more than speed.

Driving a car like this is an incredible experience.
Not only does it have amazing driving capacities, it also makes you feel right at home with this immersive sound system.

Why would you ever want to get out?
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